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2009-10-27 18:02:51 by magicstring

hey everyone follow me on twitter @magicstring123


2009-10-08 17:25:58 by magicstring

yah well my animation isnt going so well for the fact i can lip sync well

its preety hard when you dont have any knoledge

in other news im geting VERY lazy with the weekly comics fot the fact i havent done one for like nearly a month or two

hey every body that doesnt like me(no one likes me so...) i gonna be starting an animation not vey soon or it might be soon i cant think of when to start it.I might also start a sprite flash but im thinking whether or not to do it...thats all for now i guess

got a tab ^^

2009-07-17 06:16:15 by magicstring

yay i got a graphics tab doesnt men i am gonna be betta at videos do lol